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Acne No More – My Updated Review

Acne No More – My Updated Review


Acne No More


Hey, Jonas here…

While looking for an effective Acne treatment the ONLY product that had a lasting impact for me was, Acne No More.

Are you suffering from acne right now? Is it painful to the touch, bothersome enough that it causes you to check your appearance in the mirror multiple times a day, and destructive enough that you feel the weight of people’s stares on you as you walk through the office? If so, then you might want to check out what Mike Walden has to say about curing acne the holistic way in his book Acne No More.

What Is Acne No More?

Acne No More puts itself out to be the definitive guide to take a holistic approach to skin care, and that might actually be its primary downfall. There is just so much information that is jam packed into this massive guide that you can literally find yourself getting lost in the details of what Walden wants you to do. You might find yourself as I found myself doing with this e-book, having my eyes glaze over from reading all of the information that is included. That’s not to say that the information isn’t useful, complete, well researched, or beneficial… there’s just a lot of it and it’s hard to assimilate.

That’s because the human mind only retains about 10% of what it actually reads or views, so the best parts of the book are the parts where you get to practice and prepare the substances that Walden recommends you use because ultimately those really are going to be your key to being able to successfully utilize the instructions that Walden has provided.

What I Love About Acne No More

What’s great about this book is that Walden gives you all the tools that you need to be able to defeat your acne once and for all. Now granted that information is a lot, but if you want to learn all you need to know about holistic skin care, you’ll get it with this book. In fact, I kind of like to compare this program to the traditional textbooks I got in college: I read them once, I absorbed some information, and then I was able to go back and consistently reference the pages that I needed to reference to accomplish my tasks.

I also love the fact that the holistic approach to overall health is utilized throughout Acne No More. Anyone can get a quick fix to a current acne problem, but if you don’t address the root cause of the problem and instead always focus on the symptoms, then you will always be dealing with acne and always be treating it.

Walden takes the approach to acne where you need to be able fix your lifestyle first and foremost. Instead of leaving you hanging there, however, you also get the tips and tools you need to change your lifestyle to a more holistic approach and improve your skin from the inside out instead of the outside in. From diet changes to tips on how to better manage your stress, you get over 200 pages of very worthwhile advice and material for you to reference to adequately treat your acne from the roots instead of from the medication standpoint.

That’s because Walden’s holistic approach involves no modern medicine. Walden believes that you can use all natural products to be able to resolve your health concerns. It is not a quick fix to utilize Walden’s methods, though you will get some amazing pastes, moisturizers, and face mask recipes that will help reduce the appearance of acne on your skin quickly. The Walden approach is about the whole body, not just the skin, and that means changing how you take care of your body.

What Is Not So Great About Acne No More

The ebook does bill itself as the whole body, holistic approach to curing your acne, and there is nothing wrong with that. Yet there are some folks, however, who do to have the quick fix that medication can bring because of their condition and circumstances, and Walden makes no bones about the fact that he does not support medication. For people who truly are suffering, you will not likely experience pain relief from utilizing Walden’s methods immediately, so a better approach for you if you fall into this category would be to make the holistic lifestyle changes you need to make after you seek treatment.

The program is also extremely strict. You cannot make variations to the lifestyle without paying a penalty for it in terms of less acne control, so for those individuals who are stuck on a fairly strict diet already, Walden’s program is not likely to work for you because you won’t be able to follow all of it. For instance, folks who might be on a medically restricted diet because of health concerns like a peptic ulcer or food allergies.

The full detoxification that is recommended is rather lengthy, and for some people the practicality of implementing it just isn’t there. If you have multiple toddlers in your home, have a demanding job that requires you to work odd hours or be on a call a lot, or if you work multiple jobs to make ends meet, then again, the program might not be for you.

The Overall Result?

Acne No More does, I think, succeed in becoming the definitive holistic manual for taking care of your acne. If you feel that approach would benefit you, then certainly make the investment in the purchase of an e-book and discover for yourself how good you can feel taking the holistic approach. If you do not have the ability to follow a strict regimen as Walden indicates is necessary for whatever reason, then maybe invest the money toward a more reactive instead of proactive approach. Either way, the Acne No More Official Site does seem to do what it claims – remove acne so you have it no more, and if that’s what you need, then that’s what you are going to get.

Acne No More

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Clearly, Acne no more works and I hope all of you sufferers can find some relief soon! My advice is to give Acne No More a try and see for yourself:)


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