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Five Reasons to Add Swimming to Your Exercise Routine

Posted by on August 1, 2015


Have you considered swimming, but haven’t taken the plunge yet? Check out these five reasons to make swimming part of your fitness routine.

Swimming is easy on your body, especially your joints. Swimming is especially good for people who have been recently injured, who have vulnerable joints, or who desire to add a low impact option into their routine. Your muscles and joints will benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of the cool water, and the exercise itself is gentle on the joints.

Swimming is also a great way to burn a lot of calories in a short workout. If you push yourself and choose a challenging swim stroke, you can zap away plenty of calories. Assuming you weigh about 150 pounds and want to exercise for a half hour, you can burn up to 360 calories doing the crawl or butterfly, 330 calories doing the breast stroke, and 200 calories doing general swimming.

You can count on swimming for a complete workout. If you vary your strokes, you can work just about every major muscle group. Just swim ten minutes of backstroke, ten minutes of the crawl, ten minutes of butterfly, and ten minutes of breast stroke, and you’ll work all the major muscle groups in your body.

Swimming is a refreshing option year round. Swimming is the obvious choice in the summer, especially over running or other super-hot sports. Swimming is still available in January, when you might not want to run in the frigid temps. On cold winter days, make sure you bring a set of dry clothes and blow dry your hair completely before you leave the gym so you can appreciate the beauty of swimming without getting chilled.

Swimming is a relatively cheap sport. If you’re lucky, you can find a community pool or beach where there is no admission for the summer. For all-season swimming, you’ll need access to a pool (most charge a monthly membership fee), a suit, and goggles–that’s it! Presto! Fitness at a bargain basement price.

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Knowing The First Aid Essentials For Hiking And Backpacking

Posted by on July 31, 2015

Regardless of whether you are taking a short hiking or backpacking adventure or a more lengthy one, it will be important that you make sure you bring with you a number of basic first aid supplies. After all, when you are out on the trail, you never know what might happen to you; and the last thing you want is to find yourself in the middle of nowhere without the supplies that you need!

It will not be unusual for you to end up needing some pain relief, so two of the most important things for you to bring with you will be asprin and ibuprofen. An ointment or cream for soothing burns or bug bites is another thing that is extremely useful to have with you.

Of course, you probably know already that you will need bandages, but you might not realize the extent to which you should prepare in this way. Not only should you have basic bandages, but you should also have other bandages – such as butterfly bandages and eye bandages – for anything you might encounter. Furthermore, disinfectant creams and alcohol swabs will be important for you to have so that you can clean cuts and abrasions before you apply your bandages.

Any good first aid kit should also have things that are intended to protect you from the sun – and from sun damage. In addition to sunscreen – which is, of course, a must – you should have some sort of skin cream and some lip balm that can soothe pain inflicted by the sun.

Another thing that is good to bring with you is a cooling pack, because you never know when you will have to "put ice on something." You will be able to put ice on something even when you have no ice with you if you have a cooling pack.

In your first aid kit, there are also a number of less basic, more specialized things you will want to make sure you have with you. And rather than spending money on all these different things and trying to put together a first aid kit yourself, your best bet is to get everything you need at once by spending only $20 on the first aid kit from First Aid Only!

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Don’t Get Discouraged By Weight Loss; Get More Information!

Posted by on July 30, 2015

One of the big things that people tend to think about – especially given the current state of health of most Americans – is wanting to lose weight; at the same time, however, most people who have tried to lose weight end up finding that they have a hard time achieving success in their efforts – and in fact, these people often even reach a point where they feel like giving up altogether, assuming that something must just be wrong with their body and must be keeping them from getting down to the weight where they want to be.

If this is a way you have ever felt yourself, the first thing you need to realize is that weight loss is one of the most lucrative industries in the world – and what this means is that there are actually a lot of "miracle programs" that are marketed well, but that do not really help anyone lose weight, and are instead simply a means for businesses and entrepreneurs to make a quick buck.

Once you have come to understand that the fault does not lie with you, but that it instead lies with the programs you have been using, you will also need to realize that every person has the ability to reprogram their genes and lose weight – as long as they are able to find the approach or system that works best for them.

And finally, it will be important that you make the effort to begin doing a bit of research – looking into the different weight loss programs that are out there; once you are able to find a program that has genuine, good reviews, and that you feel comfortable using yourself, you will be able to start losing weight at last – and will be able to start moving toward the body you want to have.

And as you make your way through this process, be sure to keep in mind: every person has the ability to lose weight – and once you get this in your head and find the system that will work for you, you will finally be able to achieve these goals yourself!

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Do Low Carb Fad Diets Work?

Posted by on July 29, 2015

Have you thought about trying a low carb fad diet? You’ll want to educate yourself about the pros and cons of low carb fad diets before you try it.

Low carb diet plans are based on the idea that you will lose weight if you limit or cut out all carbs from your diet. The trustworthy premise behind this diet plan is that a low carb diet keeps your blood sugar low—ask any diabetic—and therefore decreases your body’s production of insulin. High levels of insulin in your blood stream can result in your body storing excess calories as fat. As a result, people lose weight when they start a low carb diet plan.

The bad news is these plans claim dieters can lose weight without limiting calories or portions. A recent study by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the Natitional Institutes of Health counters this assertion. This study oversaw the weight loss efforts of 800 adults using four different diet plans, low carb included. The study concluded that caloric intake was the primary determinant of long term weight loss, meaning you do indeed need to limit calories (or burn off the equivalent of calories) if you want to lose weight.

Low carb fad diet plans also don’t account for dealing with cravings that come up. Because your body needs carbs, you will find yourself fighting cravings, making it very difficult to remain on this diet plan for the long term.

One last concern is the serious loss of energy most people on these diets experience. If you want to exercise, you need carbs to burn. Most effectvie diet plans incorporate vigorous exercise, which is difficult to muster when you haven’t eat any carbs. Many people find it impossible to exercise at all until they resume eating carbs.

Now that you know the story on low carb fad diets, you can make the choice whether or not this diet is right for you.


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If You have Not Tried Edamame Yet, Please Do!

Posted by on July 28, 2015

Edamame is starting to be found in most markets, but you may not be familiar with what it is. Edamame are typically sold in the shell in your freezer section. Before you can eat them, the beans will ultimately have to be removed from the shell. Removing the seeds is very simple though so don’t worry. You can squeese out these beans by placing pressure behind the bean with your thumb and forefinger. Edamame is an immature (green) soybean.

Edamame is frequently used in Japanese cooking but it has gained favor in vegan and vegetarian cooking. This bean is an excellent source of protein. Edamame is a complete protein.  This means that it contains all of the essential amino acids that our body’s requires. This bean is one of the few vegetarian options that are complete.

Edamame is a great source of iron for our bodies. Once cup of edamame contains 17 g of protein, 20% of iron, and 16% of vitamin C. Edamame is also contains high dietary fiber and has a low glycemic index number.

Edamame is easy to cook, and must be cooked (it is poisonous raw). There are a plethora of ways to cook edamame. You can boil or steam the beans for starters. Boilding edamame can make a great salty snack.  Add a generous amount of salt to the boiling water you use and you will impart a lot of flavor.

Remember to avoid edamame if you are allergic or sensitive to soy. Edamame is great though for people who have gluten allergies. Edamame is a legume, so it is gluten free. You can get dry roasted edamame in some stores, which is great because this makes an excellent and quick snack to eat out of hand or to sprinkle over salads.

Give edamame a try.  It is a nutritious and easy to cook option to add to your dietary options. Again look in the freezer section of your local store, you may be surprised to see a bag of edamame there. If you are not able to find it there, please check at your local health food or whole food store they may have some on hand.

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